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How to Sell a Software Product
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How to Sell a Software Product

How to Sell a Software Product?



How to Sell a Software Product

Nowadays more and more people have joined on software promotion and the competition has been fiercer and fiercer. So I guess you must be met with such kind of question - "how to sell a software product?" every day. Don't worry. Here, you will be introduced a first and best way if you have not tried it.

How to sell a software product in the best way?


Submitting your software to as many download websites as possible is a good idea to make software known by more people. But here comes several questions.


1  There are two ways to do that:


The first one is  filling all the info about your software in the forms required by the download websites. This method will waste you much time, so, you had better not to use it.

The second one is submitting  a PAD file.


PAD stands for Portable Application Description which is a new XML-based standard that presents your product specifications and descriptions to online sources in a standard way. And it utilizes a standard data format to permit website owners and program librarians to automate program listings. Just because of its convenience and quick speed, it has become the most popular way to submit software.
But generating a PAD file is difficult for most of people and that is why people tend to look for a PAD generator tool. Here I recommend you a good PAD generator and submitter.


2  Manual way wastes your much time and energy


There are thousands of download websites in the internet and if you want  more potential users to know more about your software and make more money, the better way is submitting your product to as many download sites as possible. But if you just submit  it in a manual way, much time and energy will be consumed. And this PAD generator and submitter can solve this for you too.


The Best Way to Solve the Question


PAD Submit Worker can be called the best tool to solve the problem of "how to sell software online". It uses the most advanced technology and the fantastic functions can relieve your burden a lot.

Its highlights:
Can Generate PAD files in only several minutes.
Can submit PAD file to thousands of download websites very soon.
Can be operated very easily.
lower price.


Now please use the good tool and enjoy the convenience it brings to you! Your question of how to sell a software product will be solved then.


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