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I've always asked myself how to sell software online more quickly and effectively since months of unsuccessful promotion. Now I think I find the answer!
-Falkner, Canada

With the help of PAD Submit Worker, the process to sell digital products online becomes much easier for me. It really saves me much time and efforts!
-Hadden, UK

Before I met PAD Submit Worker, if anyone asked me how to sell software products, I would never recommend software submission, because it really is a huge, annoying and ineffective task. However, there is such a wonderful auto submitter which can make the process of submission so quick and easy. Now I have to say, if you really want to sell software in the quickest way, submitting it to download sites is the one and only way.
-Dawn, US

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How to Sell Software Products in the Quickest Way

how to sell software


Still struggling with endless article marketing, press releases, blog and RSS feed, social bookmarking, forum posting? How to sell a software product? Well, those methods are indeed effective, but they cannot yield immediate effect. So you might have spent lots of time and efforts on promotion but still cannot obtain your desired results in a certain period of time.

How to Sell a Software Product in the Quickest Way?

How to sell a software product in the quickest way? If you are a software developer, you may be quite familiar with software submission—the very first step to get your software published on the internet. But have you ever considered that it could also be the quickest and most effective way of how to sell a software product?

How to Sell Software Online Through Software Submission?

Let us first see what you can get from software submission:

Your software will be listed in major download sites which enjoy high authority;
Your target customers will get an easy access to download the software;
The downloads of your software will be greatly improved;
Your site will get thousands of high quality back links, attain large amount of traffic and achieve high ranking in searching engines;
Your software will reach the maximized number of potential customers as well as target customers;
Your sales will be drastically increased.

How to Get Started?

Now we've figured out the importance of software submission to the question of how to sell software products, then the next question—how to get started? The first come to your mind—to submit your software to all the available download sites one by one? God, that’s definitely not a good idea, for there are at least thousands of major download sites! Why not use an automated tool to Make the Whole Process Quicker and Easier?


PAD Submit Worker can automatically, instantly and successfully submit your PAD files to thousands of major download sites in only a few minutes!


1000 Download sites to which PAD Submit Worker can automatically submit your software (save your time to search for the available sites and learn their submission rules).



Download sites account management (so that you need not to remember each account information, like email addresses, passwords and so on).



Automated submission process (save you the bother of submitting PAD file step by step, waiting for the result to come out and then moving on to another).



Detailed submission results (for your review and re-submission).



If any necessary, it can re-submit PAD files to those sites without another setting configuration. Best of all, it only costs you $49.95 which is much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters.

With PAD Submit Worker, you can submit PAD files quickly and securely, and achieve large exposure for more free traffic and high search engines ranking. Therefore, if you want to solve the problem of how to sell a software product easier and more effective, you can download it right now!


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