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What They Said?

I just wanted to make the program submission process easier and I compared many similar submitters before I decided to use PAD Submit Worker. I never expected that it would also be a wonderful software promotion tool! Only 20 minutes, my software gets listed in thousands of download sites, and in the following days, site traffic, downloads, and sales all surged. Unbelievable!
-Palma, US

I felt so tired when I manually submitted my software to download sites one by one. At that time, even finish the submission process of 20 sites would kill me. 1000 sites? Impossible! Fortunately I found this tool - PAD Submit Worker—it really helps me a lot!
-Bradford, UK

Miraculous tool! And it saves me lots of time and money. Thank you guys for making such a good program to help me submit and sell my software. Good promotion software! Now I need not worry about submission and sales any more!
-Whitney, Canada

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Sell Your Software with the Best Software Promotion Tool


Spent lots of time and energy to develop a perfect piece of software yet find your sales are really low?

The competition in software market is so fierce that you are unable to beat other competitors and be a winner?

Or worse, imagine that your software cannot stand in the stream of trillions of software and those who really need your program would never have the chances to know about yours?

Cheer up; you can make changes with the best promotion softwarePAD Submitter Worker!

How does it Work?

The golden rule of software promotion is to make the maximized number of customers know your application—to win maximum publicity. And the first step to achieve this is to show your software at the place where your customers usually visit when they need certain kinds of software, i.e. software download sites and search engines.

This software promotion tool will help you quickly win maximum publicity by automatically submitting your program to all the major download sites.

Why Need Submit Your Software to Download Sites?

Once you submit your application to download sites, people can easily find it while they are looking for a certain kind of software. Moreover one round of application submission can not only increase software exposure on download sites, but also create numerous brand new back links to your site, which will bring large traffic to your site and greatly improve the rankings of your site pages in search engines results. On and on, more people will more easily find your software, whether from download sites or search engines.

True, you can submit it to download sites manually. But consider these: many download sites will first ask you to register, so you have to remember all the information of your accounts at these sites (username, password, email, etc.); then since every site has its own rules and procedures of software submission (which might be quite complex), you need to fill tons of forms, follow every submission step carefully, wait for every step to accomplish and move on to another; all the effort and time you've cost may bring little success—if any mistake occurs during your submission., you have to start the tedious work all over again. So, one perfect promotion software is needed.

Use This Promotion Software - PAD Submit Worker to Easily and Effective Finish Application Submission

It can:

 Automatically submit software to thousands of major download sites in only 20 minutes;
 Help you manage well all the accounts and passwords for download sites if needed;
 Know exactly the submission rules and procedures of every site;
 Intelligently handle the CAPTCHA processing and quickly select the program submission category according to keywords;
 Display the completion report on each download site in details when it finishes the task;
 Automatically re-submit software to the last unsuccessful download sites;
 Keep track of the newest product listings intelligently, and will notify you immediately if there were bad links.

Own the best promotion tool—finish software submission in 20 minutes—obtain thousands of recommendations from download sites—receive large number of brand new back links and great volume of traffic to your site—enjoy high popularity in search engines—boost in downloads and sales! Are you still hesitating? Download it right now!


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