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how to sell your software
What They Said?

Thank you for making software submission so easy and quick. I almost abandoned it after I submitted my software to the 20th download sites. Only 49.95 dollars completely solved the problem that troubled me for so long. It is a great submitter indeed!
-Farrah, USA


After I used PAD Submit Worker to submit my software to thousands of download sites, my sales really boost. Many of my friends asked me how to sell your software in such a short time instead of me asking others about such a question. Wonderful!
-Palma, USA


Well, I have to say, it takes me so long to find this perfect software submitter. However, better late than never, thank you guys!
-Booth, UK

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how to sell your software

How to Sell Your Software in A Quick Way



how to sell your software

So, how to sell your software is a FAQ for yourself? Be dazed by various software promotion ways and tools? Cannot make up your mind to choose one and even doubt if they are really useful? Or you have tired many of them and none of them satisfies you?


You can set yourself free from the haunting question how to sell your software, totally and entirely. How? Make good use of the sources you've already had, i.e. the ordinary procedure to publish and distribute your software: software submission.


How to Sell Your Software by Software Submission?


Regardless the type of your software, if you want to sell software online, submitting it to download sites is the first step of software publication and distribution. So if software submission is what you must do, why not submit more?


Those download sites can not only offer an easy access for customers to download your software, but also bring large traffic to your own site (for they will build back links to your site) and increase its exposure on search engine results. So the more download sites to which you submit your software, the more publicity your software will obtain on download sites and search engines, and the more downloads and sales you will get.

Manual Submission? That Would Never Be a Good Choice!


Let's say you want to submit your software to 50 download sites, how much work you have to do? And how much time you need? Register process, account information, submission rules and procedure, result checking…. Moreover, all the efforts and time you've cost may bring little success, if any mistake occurs during your submission. Then you have to start the tedious work all over again. Is that frustrated? Only dozens of download sites would drive you crazy, not to mention that there are in fact thousands of them.


So, this way gets blocked and I have to give it up? Are we back to the question how to sell your software again?


Use PAD Submit Worker to Accelerate Software Submission!


PAD Submit Worker can automatically, instantly and successfully submit your software to thousands of major download sites in only a few minutes! With its help, you can bypass the tedious and laborious works and enjoy the benefits brought by the submission.


What PAD Submit Worker is capable of?

 Safe management of your accounts;
Offering complete and up-to-date database of major download sites;
 PAD files generation, management and validation;
 Providing the back link information of some download sites if applicable;
 Auto category selection based on keyword-weighting;
 Intelligent CAPTCHA processing;
Targeted download sites filter according to your requirements;
 Displaying complete report on each download site in details when it finishes the task;
 One-click of resubmission to those download sites to which it fails to submit.


Easier, quicker and securer submission—thousands of back links and large volume of traffic—more exposure at download sites and search engines—boost in downloads and sales! Still ask how to sell your software? You must be kidding!


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