PAD Submit Worker performs as the best PAD generator and PAD submitter which can not only generate and submit PAD files to around 1,000 download sites, but also bring large volume of traffic to your own website and increase the rankings of it. Up to now, there are tens of thousands of software vendors use this Pad Submission tool to do quick software submission and boost software sales.
No idea how to create a standard PAD file for your software? Find manual software submission so troublesome and ineffective? Want to facilitate the PAD submission process and improve submission success rate? Using PAD Submit Worker, you can easily solve all these problems. It is a top PAD Submitter which can instantly generate and submit PAD file with high success rate. Input required information, click on several buttons, and then your software would be automatically submitted to around 1,000 software download sites in 20 minutes!

Here are the Highlights PAD Submit Worker owns:

submit PAD
Automatically submit PAD files to around 1,000 sites in 20 minutes. You need to do nothing except for clicking and waiting for the submission results to come out.
software submission
Keep the database of download sites up-to-date in order to enlarge the number of available download sites and increase the success rate of software submission.
Quickly select the software category on download sites according to the keywords you’ve set, and intelligently filter the failed download sites and re-submit.
PAD submitter
You do not have to input the passwords time and again, this PAD submitter is able to automatically identify most CAPTCHA codes with the accuracy rate reaching as high as 95%.
Safely manage your accounts and passwords for download sites if needed.
Be capable of displaying complete and detailed submission report on each download site once it finishes the task.
PAD submission
Provide advanced PAD submission mode for experienced users to customize submission settings.
Instantly generate PAD files in standard form and employ the build-in FTP client to upload the newest PAD files to your website server.
And Much More...
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