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2. Images

Use these banners and images on your website.

Image 1: Small Software Cover

Image 2: Software Cover with Disc

Image 3: Software Interface

3. Banners

Use these banners and images on your website. Click to view banners by size.

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234 x 60 250 x 250 336 x 280 468 x 60 728 x 90

Banner 1:120 x 240

Banner 2:120 x 60

Banner 3: 120 x 600

Banner 4: 125 x 125

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Banner 6: 234 x 60

Banner 7: 250 x 250

Banner 8: 336 x 280

Banner 9: 468 x 60

Banner 10: 728 x 90

4. Blog Marketing Sites and Article Submission Sites

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5. Ads for download sites

Did you still submit your software to the download sites by hand? Now use this top promotional tool to replace the time consuming manual submission.

It automatically uses the Fastest and Easiest way to submit your software PAD files to more than 1000 download sites and directories without long-playing manual labor of doing so, which will quickly help you to generate more trffic and make more sales.

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