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After using the software, I really know about the way of selling application. This software helps me a lot on applications promotion. Perfect!
-Denial Lama, USA

3 months ago, i don't know where to sell application. But now, I can put my heart into the code writing. Really magic tool!
-Lucy Bengal, London

A good tool can help you yield twice the result with half the effort. PAD Submitter Worker is such kind of tool. I will recommend it to my friends.
-Brede Burial, Little Rock

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How to Sell Applications-Selling Application More Quickly

how to sell applications


How to sell applications? What is the best way of selling application? These questions may be asked by some software vendors and affiliates. To some excellent, marketing promotion is far more difficult than developing software. So in this article, I will offer you some easy methods of selling application.

It is well known that increasing the exposure is the first step to sell application and in this way many potential users will learn about your software. Many vendors choose submission tools to make applications published on the internet.

However, many people are still using the manual way to complete the submit process. You must know what a complicated work it is! It is time-consuming to choose the useful one from numerous download sites, let alone register them one by one and submit the applications to them.

Automatic Tool to Tell You-how to Sell Applications

How to sell applications in the easiest way? Of course choosing one automatic tool! PAD Submit Worker is such a tool that can submit PAD files of applications to numerous download directories or sites. Just several clicks can submit your application to more than 1000 download directories or sites.

You do not need to input the usernames and passwords time and again, this software can help you manage them well, besides, PAD Submit Worker is able to automatically identify most CAPTCHA codes with the accuracy rate reaching as high as 95% which saves you lots of time.

PAD Submit Worker which is combined with the SEO technology can make the robots of each search engine more easily visit your site, crawl it, and list your site. So it can make great contributions on the search engine rankings.

Talented Features of This Software to Sell Application

1. Multi-functional: This software can not only submit applications PAD files to download sites, but also can generate PAD file for you.

2. Mature: It has automatic results tracking function; you do not worry the missing errors that effect the submission. What's more, we will regularly update the database of download sites to ensure the number of download sites is larger and larger.

3. Time-saving: You do not need to hire a team to complete the submission work. Only several clicks can complete.

Where and how to sell application? Just choose PAD Submitter Worker, which is an advanced multi-language submission tool that gets massive incoming praises from internet marketers.

Do not often ask-how to sell applications again, just have a try.

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