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PAD Submit Worker User's Guide

PAD Submit Worker

If you are still submitting your PAD files manually to download websites night and day, then you are really out. Manual submission is very slow because it can only submit your product to one site at a time, and the submission always fails because you don’t know the submission rules of a certain download site.

From this moment, do not waste time and money submitting PAD files one by one any more. You can use the single best submission tool, PAD Submit Worker, which is being used by tens of thousands of the Internet vendors to submit PAD files everywhere automatically. PAD Submit Worker helps shareware authors to easily submit PAD files to all major download sites, directories, and other targeted resources as fast as possible.

5 Easy Steps:
The following 5 steps can help you to create your PAD files and submit PAD files to everywhere you wanted automatically.

Step1-Create PAD Files
PAD Submit Worker offers you the ability to automatically create PAD files by completing all the required fileds easily.

Step2-Import and Export PAD files
When the PAD file is created completely, you can export it to any where as you wish. If you already have one, just import it easily.

Step3-Complete the Site Settings.
To improve successful counts of submitted sites, you should complete the settings for some special download sites.

Step4-Filter Sites by Your Requirement
Filter what kind of sites you want to sumit to by PageRank, Alexa, language,.etc.

Step5-Submit PAD files to Everywhere
Automatically submit your PAD files to required sites by ONE Mouse-click.