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how to sell software online

How to Sell Software Online Most Quickly and Efficiently



how to sell software online

As we can see, there are various ways of selling software in this fierce market, such as a point of sale in the commercial street, devote thousands of dollars on the TV or other media commercial advertisements to attract users to buy your product. Cyber marketing is very popular nowadays and selling software online is also accepted by both program writers and users for its unique features, but how to sell software online quickly and efficiently?

Two Main Methods of Selling Software Online


Method One---Join a Big Affiliate Group 

Just think about this: you have done the researches, written the codes, debugged and trialed with your users and now you begin to sell your software online. But you know little about how to sell software online, which may include many sections, such as product publicity or online payments. So joining the big affiliate groups or cooperating with the professional cyber marketers may be a secure method, for they are the experts of how to sell software online, but the disadvantage is that you have to pay fees for them.

Method Two---Do It by Yourself 

Compared with the first means, many program writers choose to manage it by themselves. They do not have much money that can be devoted into costly commercial advertisements, nor have the same special marketing skills as those professional cyber marketers. They just submit their products to the download sites to attract the potential customers. It is much cheaper and easier to be operated by themselves.

How to Sell Software Online Efficiently with PAD Submit Worker


Software submission is truly a good choice for many software writers who know little about how to sell software online. But if you just decide to submit your software to download sites one by one by hand, but think twice, for you have to:

1.Register thousands of sites;
2.Manage all the account information (including user names, passwords, emails, etc.);
3.Fill in tons of submission forms for your products;
4.Follow each submission rule and step (or you may fail to submit);
5.Wait for the submission results to see if you need to do it again; 6.Resubmit software if you failed at the first time.

Time-consuming and energy-consuming, yes? Here comes your saviour----PAD Submit Worker, it is your best assistant of how to sell software online for its comprehensive functions as follow:

 Automatically generate, manage and validate PAD file of your software;
 Instantly and successfully submit software to thousands of major download sites and automatically apply those download sites for you;
 Offer complete and up-to-date database of major download sites and you can add the database according to your needs;
 Display complete report on each download site in details when it finishes the task;
 One-click of resubmission to those download sites to which it fails to submit;
 Money-saving: only $49.95, much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters.

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