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Promote Software
Promote Software
What They Said?

I have used several PAD submission program, and your program is the most convenient one. With its help, my time is saved. Thanks a lot.
-Carter, New Mexico


It really helped me increase download rates. Someone asked me how I can submit software to so many sites in a short time. I told him that I used your software.
-Stock, Arkansas


I was tired of filling out the information of software by myself. It is such a tough work that I can not do any other things. Since I used the program, I felt the work is not that complex. Thank you very much.
-Derwin, Idaho

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Promote Software

Promote Software

Promote Software Automatically in an Easy Way


Promote Software


Promote Software

If you are a software author, you must know how important to submit software to shareware download sites. If you want to earn more customers and money, you should promote software in a better and quicker way.

How to Promote Software


Everybody knows that, more download sites you submit software to, more download rates you could get. But how to accomplish the submission?

Someone may promote software manually. Let's imagine. First you search several download sites. Then you make great efforts to manually fill out the information of software, author, company, support, and download address and something else. Then click submit. Well, you just promote software to only one site after this complex process, leaving failed submission aside for the moment. What about 100s or 1000s of sites?

The job is so hard. It is wasting time and efforts. Now I recommend you a good tool which can help you solve all your problems.

In an Automated Way

The most effective way to promote software is using PAD submission tool. PAD Submit Worker is such a professional tool which shortens the time and increases the efficiency of software promotion.

It is very easy to operate. You need to fill the information of your software and description. Then with several clicks, it will submit your product onto thousands of download websites in just 20 minutes. After submission, you will gain large traffics and downloads. And with more and more visitors and downloads, your website rankings will be increased.

Reasons for Choosing PAD Submit Worker

Our software owns many features:
Record your accounts and passwords automatically
Generate PAD file automatically
Automatically recognize CAPTCHA
Update the database of download sites regularly
High success rate of submission
Show details of submission results


Everyone knows that to promote software with tool automatically is better than to do that manually. Believe me. This tool is approved to be the most useful submission software. Download it to improve your sales. It just needs $49.95.