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PAD File Submission

What is PAD File and PAD File Submission?


PAD stands for Portable Application Description while PAD file contains all the information of software including its company info, system requirements, price, contact info and download URLs,etc.


The PAD file submission process is quite familiar to software authors because it’s an important step to complete the software submission to download sites. This process can helps software developers easily and quickly submit software to online sources and download sites so that more users can be reached.


How to Submit PAD File?


Manual Submission:


Unfortunately, it is really a hard to manually complete the PAD file submission. The process is: look for as many as software download sites from the internet; look for the page that allows you to submit the URL of your PAD file; enter the requested information and click "Submit". Moreover, it can only submit to one site at a time, wasting you much time, and always ends up with failure as you don't know the submission rule of a certain site. Therefore, Manual submission is not suggested and auto submission software is highly recommended.


Another Method to Solve this Problem:


You may have the doubt that which kind of submission software you should choose? Follow me!


Features that perfect software must have:

* High accurate submission processing

* High success submission rate

* Time-saving pad file generation and submission

* Frequently updated site database

* Considerate pre-sale and after-sale service


Luckily, PAD Submit Worker as the one of the best submission software owns all of the talented features. It can submit PAD file to more than 1000 download sites in several minutes. This is the easiest way that permits webmasters and program writers to improve the speed of their submission.  What’s more, it is a PAD file creator with which you can easily and quickly generate a PAD file just by following its clear hints of several easy steps.


Thus, PAD Submit worker will amazingly increase the sales of your software by submitting it to a great many download sites and improving the ranking of its website. Still worry about the PAD File Submission? Just try to use this magic tool.

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