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What They Said?

When one of my friends suggested that this software submitter can help selling my software, I almost burst into laugh: how could you connect software submission with selling your software? However, after I tried it, I have to admit that I was wrong. With this great tool, selling software is rather a piece of cake!
-Fletcher, US

I never imagined that the process of software submission could be simplified like this. It is an incredible tool to sell your software onine!
-Cody, US

This magic tool really helps me a lot in selling my software. Twenty minutes of submission brings me doubled sales—what a marvel!
-Gary, Australia

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Selling Your Software with the Best Tool

selling your software


Recently developed a new piece of software? Congratulations! Now it's time for your “piece of art" to come onto the market and make a real success of itself. But… how to get started?

Start from Submitting Your software to Download Sites.

Software submission is the first and foremost step to distribute your product on the internet. But it is not only a channel of distribution, but also an effective way to sell your software online: once you submit your software to download sites, it will be exposed to as many potential customers as possible, and since you can get high quality back links from these sites, your site will get large amount of traffic and high ranking in search engines, which in return, would attract more customers to purchase your software. Therefore, one round of submission will greatly increase your software downloads and sales.

Consider Selling Your Software by Manual Submission?

Certainly you can submit your program to thousands of download sites one by one all by hand. But before you start, reconsider it. You might not want to put yourself to deep and endless troubles: you have to first register to every download sites, remember every account, password and email address used to register; you need to follow every required rule and step to accomplish your submission; you must wait for the final result to come up and if any failure you must start your submission all over again; after the first submission, you should recheck the download rate of your software in every download site, and if it is not satisfactory, submit your software again….

Time-and-efforts-consuming, isn't it? Your enthusiasm for selling your software will fade away during the tedious, boring, endless and ineffective process of submission.

How about Employing the Best Tool to Help You?

If I say that you can quickly and effectively submit software by just filling several blacks and click some buttons, what would you say?

PAD Submit Worker is the best promotion tool for how to sell your software. It can automatically submit your application to thousands of download sites in just 20 minutes!

Basic features it owns:

Auto-submission of your software to more than 1000 sites in less than 20 minutes.
Safe management of the accounts and passwords for download sites if needed.
Auto-identification of most CAPTCHA codes with the accuracy rate reaching as high as 95%.
Advanced submission mode for experienced users and the ones who have personalized settings by themselves.
Quick selection of the software submission category according to keywords and intelligently re-submit software to the last unsuccessful download sites.
Display of complete report on each download site in details when it finishes the task.
Money-saving: only $49.95, much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters.

Is that great? You need not to feel frustrated when selling your software, just let the best promotion tool help you.


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