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Dear, I am the one who have the same experiences with you. I do not know how to sell my software. After reading this article, I plan to have a try. Good luck to me!
-Jordon Blade, USA

I have used many submit tools before, but I like this one best!
-Peter Justin, Alaska

Thanks for your sharing, this tool is useful! I like the automatic tool which can save me much time and effort!
-Damon Ford, Detroit

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How Can I Sell My Software Online? That is Not a Question Again!


One year ago, I had the same question with other software vendors, which is how to sell my software quickly and easily. In order to sell more software, I tried to make the software useful and bug-free. Unfortunately, no one purchased my software. I realized that a right promotion method was more important, so I tried my hand at promoting.

About Google Advertisement

I applied to Google AdSense to sell my software. This is really the fastest and simplest way to attract potential users to my website and purchase the software. Within one month, I sold four products. But…the cost is so huge that I do not want to go on. So I tended to another way..

About Article Marketing

Submitting articles to article stations for selling my software is a good way to bring more links and in this way my website achieves good search engine rankings. But later I found that the actual cost was much higher than I had expected. I needed to employ several employees to write numerous articles and submitted them to article stations.

The Ultimate Solution to Sell My Software

Hard work pays off, and finally, I succeeded! I developed an automatic tool to submit my software to download sites to get it published on the internet. After using this software, the exposure rate of my software is largely increased. Now I will analyze it for you.

First, use this software-PAD Submit Worker to generate a software PAD file which contains general information of it. Only filling in software name, type, version and company name, and clicking some buttons can generate a PAD file easily.

Second, submit PAD files to numerous download sites in several clicks. Only 20 minutes can complete the work. I do not need to worry about missing any download site, because the software has the function of result tracing which can guarantee the success rate.

Nothing should I do after submitting and just see the rankings rising! Using this tool for selling my software is an advisable choice. It saves me much time and effort.

PAD Submit Worker is really a perfect tool for software developers, because 90% of software developers have no clue about marketing. This simple guide about how to sell my software will give you the basic info of selling software online and will hopefully encourage you to take actions.


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