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Absolutely fantastic! I have been using this submission tool this past week and it solves my problem of how to sell a program so quickly. I have already got back more than I invested.
-Mario Broom, USA

Very impressive tool! Good on you. This gives me a whole new look at software promotion. Thanks a lot.
-Floyd Duke, USA

I have tried various ways to sell programs online on the Internet, but I can say this is the best. It's well worth it!
-Andrew Carter, UK

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How to Sell Programs Online Quickly and Efficiently


Want to know how to immediately make your programs known by more potential users and make it popular once they are published? And would you like to stand out in the competitive online market? If I say there is a quick way to help you skyrocket your sales, what will you think? Well, today we will mainly discuss about how to sell programs online quickly and efficiently.

The Best Way on How to Sell Programs Online

This will probably sound a little bit harsh but it is the honest to god truth. Submitting your software to tens and thousands of download sites with a professional submission tool is your option! Because:

If you want something FAST:
This tool can automatically submit PAD files to as many sites as possible within 20 minutes, saving you a lot of time and money. Its submission is 100 times faster than that of manual one.

If you want something EASY:
Here, five simple steps can help you create your PAD files and submit PAD files to everywhere you want automatically: create PAD files, import and export PAD files, complete the site settings, filter sites by your requirements, submit PAD files to everywhere.

If you want something EFFICIENT:
Submit a completion report as soon as it finishes the task.
Advanced submission mode for experienced users and they can do personalized settings by themselves.
Have dynamic PAD support and built-in template editors and SMTP Client.

Seems excellent? This is PAD Submit Worker, a single best submission tool for selling programs online effectively.

PAD Submit Worker - Good Help for Program Promotion

When it comes to how to sell programs online, undoubtedly, PAD Submitter Worker is your good help which intends to submit PAD file of your software products to download sites and other on-line resources. It can not only increase your sales but also achieve good SEO results by increasing search volume and improving website rankings. With a flexible and responsible work team, this submission software can fully optimize your online sales process and take control of your sales.

The Advantages of PAD Submitter Worker:

Automatically submit your software to more than 1000 download sites and directories in less than 20 minutes.
Minimize the chances of being banned by the Download Sites for breaking their posting rules or for creating duplicate accounts/listings.
Achieve the maximum possible number of publications.
Provide accurate info about your product to the download sites.
Vastly increase traffic of your site and improve its ranking on search engines.
Instantly gain a massive amount of exposure for more free traffic and improved search engine results.
Help Rise to the top of the ranking and stay there for the long-run.
Generate a consistent passive automated income each month.

Are you ready to kill the drudgery of wasting hours, in front of the computer, manually submitting your program to numerous download sites? Then what are you waiting for? PAD Submitter Worker, a best tool, shows you how to sell programs online!


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