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What is PAD file? Use PAD File to Increase Downloads

what is PAD file

If you are a software author, you must be confused about how to let people know your product like wildfire broadly. It is proven that the best way to increase software exposure is to submit your product to hundreds and thousands of download sites in the form of PAD file.

What is PAD file?

PAD, stands for Portable Application Description, is a machine-readable document format which helps software authors to provide online sources with standard product descriptions and specifications. And by using this standard data format, webmasters and program librarians can easily automate program listings.
In a word, PAD is a standard software description that saves time for both shareware authors and webmasters.

How Can You Use PAD File?

After you know what is a PAD file, you also have to know why you need it. The principal reason is that if you want to promote your software via download sites, you will find that a PAD file of your software is required by many online download sites. Only if you submit the PAD file, your product can be listed in those sites, which can bring you more websites traffic and software downloads.

Benefits of Submitting PAD File to Download Sites:
Let more people know your product
Save your time and energy for promoting software
Efficiently increase software sales
Bring a great many downloads
Increase search volume
Improve website ranking

How to Submit PAD File to Download Sites Efficiently

If you decide to do pad file submission to download sites by hand, it would be a hard work. Maybe it takes you one hour to market software manually due to the complicated process of filling all kinds of PAD forms or other complex steps. It won't be long before you get crazy for the tedious work of submitting software to download sites.

How to market software automatically? Now there is an automated program, PAD Submit Worker which can submit PAD file efficiently.

1. Put into your program info, descriptions and affiliates info.



2. Generate the PAD files automatically or you can directly upload software PAD file from your PC.


3. Filter the software submission sites by categories, PR, Alexa rate quickly and correctly.



4. Begin to submit your software to the selected software download sites quickly.


5. After the PAD submission process, this tool will automatically generate a detailed submission report for you.



Whether you understand what is PAD file or not, PAD Submit Worker is your best assistant to help you submit software to download websites in a short time, saving you a lot of time and efforts. Its submission is 100 times faster than manual submission. By knowing exactly the rules of every download site, it can quickly submit your product with success.

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