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How to Market Software Product

It seems that how to market software online is a real puzzle for almost all software vendors, but in fact, if you have the correct method, it is really easy!

How to Market Software

How to Market Software Product in Best Way?

Submitting software to as many download websites as possible is a critical procedure for marketing software because, in this way, your software can be known by many more others. The more people know your software, the more downloads and customers you will get. In other words, if you can submit your software to download websites effectively, your software can be marketed very well.

You have 2 choices to finish this procedure

1 Traditional way
Register to each download site and then follow all the complex and boring rules to fill all the info about your software in the forms required by the download websites. And you must take enough preparation to submit software again for that you have many chances to make errors in the process of submission. This method will waste you much time, so, you had better not to use it.

2 Smarter and Better Way
Just submit PAD file by using good tools.

PAD is a file that helps software writers give product descriptions and related information. The advantage of using a PAD file is that it enables you to store all the descriptions and specifications in one single place, saving your time and money.

So it is a much better way to market software product by submitting PAD files. Here comes another problem. How to submit PAD files in an effective way?

If you just use the manual way, you can only submit them to different websites one by one. What's more, you should be careful about the submission rules for any mistake leading you fail to submit.

But, what is the easiest way? Easy Question!

I recommend you to use the better way-just use PAD Submit Worker to achieve this boring process.
PAD Submit Worker is the single best submission tool that can submit your software to hundreds of download sites in a short time, saving a lot of your time and money. Its submission is 100 times faster than that of manual submission. Knowing exactly the rules of every download site, PAD Submit Worker can quickly submit your product with success.

PAD Submit Worker can help you:

Generate PAD files for your applications;
Automatically submit PAD files to more than 1000 sites within20 mins.
Regularly update the download websites database
CAPTCHA processing; you do not have to input the passwords time and again. Let it handle
Manage well your account and password.

After you use the great tool, you will find that how to market software product is not a puzzle any more! Pease don't miss it and use it as your best partner!


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