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It is a valuable and easy-to-use tool that speeds up the process of instantly submitting software to thousands of sites.
-Edward, Davis, UK


I was once bothered that nearly no one bought my software. Then I got to know this submission tool which helps me get many sales. Thanks a lot!
-Nick, New York, USA


After making traffic increased, this tool brings me many more visitors to my site and many of them are willing to invest their money on my product.
-Anna, Washington DC, USA

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Submission Software


Are you tired of manually submitting your software month after month to all the major download sites, directories or many other targeted resources just to bring more back links or more visitors to your sites? And are you annoyed by that some sites reject your submission because of your being unfamiliar with their specific, confusing rules? If so, then now, you do not worry about these any more, and submission software can do all for you.


Why Use Submission Software?


1. Save much valuable time


It saves time and energy for both authors and website owners. We all know time is money and this is also the primary reason why you need the program to submit your software. Just with several simple clicks, you can make software submitted to thousands of download sites or directories automatically. Imagine that there are 100 sites your software will be submitted to and each site costs 5 minutes, then it is 500 minutes that is 8 hours and 20 minutes. What if 1000 sites or even more? However, with submission software, less time, better results.


2. More sites you submit to, more visitors and sales you get


It is the facts that the more sites you submit to, the more site visitors and sales you will get. More important point is this submission tool can greatly enhance the rate of success. That means more download sites you submit successfully, the more back links you will obtain, the more potential customers you will get, and the more money you will make. All in all, we do need it.


Though submission program is so helpful and convenient, why not have an excellent submission tool like PAD Submit Worker a try?


Only several steps:


1. Fill out information of your product in the yellow input frame.



2. Prepare a description for your software and add more languages if needed.



3. Select all the download sites to complete the submission.



4. Start to run the software submission process.



5. Complete a software submission success report for you.




What Are the Outstanding Features of PAD Submit Worker?


With the following functions and outstanding features, PAD Submit Worker is welcomed by more and more software developers and promoters:


Successfully and automatically submit software to nearly 1000 download stations
Know the submission rules of nearly every site
Fulfill submission in just several minutes and save you a lot of time
Bring you a lot of visitors and sales
Easy and convenient to use no matter for computer experts or novice
Help you beat your competitors
Ask for a very low price and save you a lot of money
Offer updates frequently
Money-saving: only $49.95, much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters


In a word, if you would like to find an effective method to promote your software, then this wonderful submission software is your best choice!


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