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What a great idea! This software comes very handy in my business! Thank you for your terrific PAD Submit Worker, I like it very much!
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This software has to be one of the smartest and cleverest marketing tools and works like magic. Simple to use yet the best of its kind I have seen.
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Are you a software author or vendor who wants to find an easier way to sell and promote your software? Obviously, to complete your software development, definitely you are eager to show it to the world to tell them it is a masterpiece. Do you know how to achieve this? Actually, the quickest and most efficient method is to submit your software to download sites. But how?


Traditional Method


Have you ever tried to:

Register for each download site manually?
Create PAD file manually?
Submit your software manually to all major download sites, directories, and other targeted resources?


Don't you think this task is time-consuming and boring?


You possibly want to be the person:

Free up your time from repetitious tasks so that you can produce more great programs
Stay on the top of the SEO and being an expert in the industry
Gain more and more users
Make more money


Indeed, now I have a solution for you that can help you get rid of that boring work! It is PAD Submit Worker, a reliable, professional and automatic submission tool.


PAD Submit Worker - Automatically Submit Your Software


PAD Submit Worker helps you simply submit software to software download sites over the Internet. It is really easy to use and here are its operating processes: firstly, automatically generate a PAD file and what you need to do is filling out all of the needed fields, including company info, software information, contact details and download URL and so on. Then, with a single click, it will instantly and automatically submit the PAD file to numerous top-ranked sites. When the PAD submission is completed, you will gain an integrated report in details.


By using PAD Submit Worker, you will gain direct back links from the high authority download sites and improve you site's rankings in search engines. Meanwhile, more people will know and download your software.


Other great Features of PAD Submit Worker:


Built-in more than 1000 shareware and free software archives.
Saves time for software authors and website owners.
Regularly update database for new site resources.
Automate software submission process.
Just cost $49.95 much less than other similar tools.


With PAD Submit Worker, you will submit your software to many shareware sites instantly and effectively. Try PAD Submit Worker now.

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