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This software is really amazing - time-saving and efficient. Thanks for this software, it is really helpful for PAD file submission.
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Submit PAD File

Are you a shareware author or an affiliate? And do you want to stand out in the high competitive online market? We all know that even the best software program does not get marketed if we do not promote it more effectively. So what is the first and best way to promote your software? Ofcourse, submit PAD file to download sites.

Why PAD File So Important?

PAD is also called Portable Application Description which contains all the details about your shareware program such as system requirements, price, contact info, file names, download URLs and more. That is to say, it helps software authors and affiliates provide the product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way and get a typical data format that will permit site proprietors and program librarians to automate program list. As lots of sites support PAD file, paying more attention on your PAD file creation means more success.

Another important factor that you should focus on is exposure. It is true that the more sites you submit to, the more people will see. More visibility is equal to more sales.

Why Submit PAD File with A Software Submitter?

Of course, you can submit PAD file manually, but have you ever considered the time and energy that costs? There are numerous download sites and some websites vary in format too. Some need PAD files, some do not. Or maybe some require you to choose the category or some not. Moreover, you may fail because of being unfamiliar with the submission rules. How terrible!

However, best submission software saves the time and energy for both authors and website owners. With simple clicks, you will submit PADs to thousands of download sites, directories and many other targeted resources automatically. Furthermore, to improve the submission rate, you can do some settings for the special sites. Here I advise you to try PAD Submit Worker which has already been used by tens of thousands of vendors and affiliates.

Why Choose PAD Submit Worker?

1. Generate PAD file easily

Type in general information of your product.
Give a description of your product.
Give some additions of your product.
Add the affiliates of your product.

The four steps can help you generate PAD file after filling in all the information about your products.

2. PAD file submission

Once the PAD file is created, you can export your PAD file to anywhere on your computer or submit it to the server by clicking “Upload PAD File”.

After all of these done, PAD Submit Worker will automatically submit your software to more than 1000 sites in less than 20 minutes. Nothing you should do, only to see the results.

Other Main Features of PAD Submit Worker

Quickly and effectively submit PAD file to download sites.
Easy to use. What you need to do is just to offer the accurate information of your product for the download sites.
Maximize possible number of publications.
Effectively improve your website ranking.
Bring great sales for your product.
Money-saving: only $49.95, much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters


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