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An Easy Way for Selling Software Online


selling software


Are you a software programmer or a vendor? Have you been worried about selling software in this fierce market where the market share has been hold by the one or two big companies? No money, no company and no capital can be invested into commercial advertisements, but you do believe that your software is more advanced and has its own features that can be accepted by users. Don't worry any more, and this article will introduce an advanced way for selling software.

Selling Software on the Internet


More and more people have accepted to buy things on the internet and most of people often download needed software on download sites, thus, submitting your software to the download sites or doing SEO works to attract the visitors are utilized by most software sellers nowadays.


Advantages of Submitting Your Software to Download Sites


According to the survey on the software users, most of them will go to the software download sites to find those products they want, and the traffic of a download site is so large that it is the best place for you to attract the potential targeted customers.

Another advantage of submitting software to download sites is also very considerable especially when you do SEO work for your product, because your product listed on large download sites can also bring large traffics to your main site, thus listing your software on download sites can also boost the ranking of your main website, which will bring more profits in the end.

Your Unique Assistant for Software Submission---PAD Submit Worker


As a software vendor, it is a fact that we are just filled in the pile of work day and night, and software programming takes most of our time, thus it is a little difficult to devote much time on software submission or other software promotion ways.

However, submitting software manually is a very complicated and time-consuming process since you have to remember each download site and their user names and passwords. What' more, every download site requires different submitting rules, you have to meet the needs of each one. And, if you submit with a PAD file which is very fussy to fill since a PAD file is really a machine-readable document format which will help software authors to supply online sources with standard product explanations and specifications, but it is difficult for most of people to generate a PAD file.

Now your savior has come----PAD Submit Worker, a powerful auto software submitter and PAD generator for selling software for the following incomparable features:

1.Automatically generate PAD file after you fill the explanations and specifications
2.Submit software to thousands of download sites in several minutes
3.Have a unlimited download sites database and know exactly the rules of every download site
4.100 times faster than manual submission and can discover site problems
5.Reasonable price: only $49.95, much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters


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