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Selling Software Online
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Selling Software Online

Best Method of Selling Software Online



Selling Software Online

In the procedure of selling software online, the most important thing is making your software well known. The more people know your software, the more downloads and customers you will get. The best way to promote your software is submitting it to as many download websites as possible.


You have 2 choices to submit software:


1 Manual Way
Before you use this method, you should take consideration of the results that much time and energy will be consumed.
The shortcomings of the Method are:
Not fast. You can only submit software to different download websites one by one.
Not Funny. Before you submit, you should sign up your account of each site, it will be too boring!
Not easy to be successful. Different download websites have different submission rules and you have more chances to fail.


2 Automatical way
I highly recommend you to use this method to make your software very famous.
In this way, you can
Submit software to many download websites.
Save much time and energy
Make much more money.


Selling Software Online Much Easier-Using PAD Submit Worker

PAD Submit Worker is such an amazing tool that uses the most advanced technology to help people submit software to download websites much easier and more convenient.
Compared with other kinds of software, its highlights are:
Submit software to thousands of download sites in 20 minutes

You can select the download sites as your needs
A submission report will be generated for you
The download site database will be updated regularly
Success rate of submission is higher
Money-saving: only $49.95, much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters
Easy to use: only with several steps, you can finish all the procedures of submission.


Selling software online is much easier with the help of the great tool. Now just use it and enjoy the convenience it brings to you. I do believe you will like selling software online after using the tool!


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