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Selling Programs Online
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Selling Programs Online

Selling Programs Online Never be a Problem



Selling Programs Online

Selling programs online always makes most software authors be puzzled. These people may be proficient at developing software but not good at selling programs online. Now this article will tell you what you should do after software publication.


Two Ways for Selling Programs Online


If you are a vendor and want users to download your product, submitting the software onto as many download websites as possible is your first and necessary step since the exposure rate of your program will be largely increased. But how you can do this?

Submit manually

The traditional way to submit software is to fill the required information about software on forms asked by download websites to complete submission. This is all by hand. It seems easy to do but it is trivial. You must fill all the information like software name, type, version, company name, payment platform ID, address, support information and URL information, etc. It is so complicated and time-consuming, isn't it? Is there another way to do the work?


You must know PAD file which is a kind of portable application description. You can choose to submit PAD file to download sites. However, most of people can not generate a PAD file unless they ask a tool for help and we all know manually submitting the PAD file to 100s even 1000s of download sites is not realistic. So, that is why people tend to the below second way.


Automatically generate and submit PAD file

Actually, just one professional tool can do these for you. What if I tell you there is a tool which costs much less than other tools yet can bring you the same profits?


Automated PAD File Generator and Submitter


PAD Submit Worker is such software that generates PAD file for your product and submits the file onto thousands of download website within 20 mins. Here are its miraculous functions:

Generate a PAD file automatically in a short time
Safely and automatically submit your software onto download websites
Built in More than 1000 download websites database
one round submission just needs 20 mins
Update the database of download sites regularly
Increase download success rate
Increase the rankings of your main site
Bring more sales
Just $49.95

This program is approved to be the best assistant for selling programs online. It makes software submission faster and saves a lot of time and efforts. And this program knows the submission rules of almost each download site, so the success rate of submission of course will meet your need then.


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