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Sell Programs Online
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Thank you for your excellent program! We are 100% satisfied with you!

- Gina Tate, U.S.A


Thanks very much for your professional software. With it, my software sales boost! Thanks again.
- Asa Wright, U.S.A


Wow! PAD Submit Worker is so easy-to-use and very useful. How to sell programs online is not a question any more! I like it very much!

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Sell Programs Online

Sell Programs Online in an Easier Way



Sell Programs Online

Are you a software publisher who wants to find an easier way to sell programs online? If yes, please keep on reading.


As you know, the best and first way to sell programs online is summiting them to shareware and freeware download sites. It is the quickest way to help you gain more product visibilities, customers and sales.


Submitting Software by Hands


However, it will take you plenty of time to fill out your software info and submit them to a large number of download sites one by one. Moreover, when your software is updated, you have to fill out the info and resubmit again. In order to solve this troubling problem, we invented a program-PAD Submit Worker.


Sell Programs Online with PAD Submit Worker


With this program, software distribution and promotion process is completely automatic. PAD submitter is a great tool to help software vendors boost software recognitions and sales.


PAD Submit Worker is definitely an advanced program, utilizing a standard PAD format that will permit website owners and program authors to sell programs online better.


Our shareware and free software directory database consists more than 1000 of top ranked software catalogs. If you have a PAD file, then just importing it and choosing a category selection can fulfill the submission process. If not, PAD Submit Worker can help you generate and validate PAD file. Utilizing it helps you save lots of time and energy.


Other Features of PAD Submit Worker:

* Submit as many programs as you want
* Submit your software to popular software catalogs
* Sell programs online in a fully automated way
* Validate PAD XML for the software
*Automatic record submission status, submission date, error message and selected category
*Periodically update price and software information


With PAD Submit Worker, you will instantly attain hundreds of quality backlink from the high authority software download sites and boost website's rankings in Google or other search engines. Selling programs online is not difficult for you anymore!


PAD Submit Worker is one of the best PAD submitters in the world! It automates the troublesome software submission process. Using it to sell programs online, you will be amazed at the good result it brings you.

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