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Thank you very much for the gorgeous software. It helps me save lots of my time for selling programs and brings more downloads.
-Ian Bonar, Oregon


It becomes easier to sell program with the automated PAD submitter. I want to tell software authors: don't be hesitated and ask frequtenly "how to sell a program", just have a try.
-Kim Stengel, Indiana


My friend told me the software. At first I thought it is nonsense. Now I know why he loves your program. It is helpful. Thanks very much.
-Alex Reitel, New York

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Do you sell program online? Are you frustrated in it? If you are, you have come to the right place. I will talk about a successful way of selling programs.

Sell Program by Shareware Submission

Shareware submission is an effective way to solve "how to sell a program". It refers to submit your product onto shareware download sites. There are two ways of submission. One is filling out the form requiring all software information manually, and the other is submitting with PAD files.

PAD file is a kind of portable file based on XML form. We all choose the way of submitting PAD files because PAD file is easier to use, automatically, conveniently, fast and widely; while the manual method is complex and inefficiency. You have to fill out all required information, wasting time and efforts. But, few people know how to generate a PAD file and even you can do that, you must register each download site and manually submit it to each shareware site one by one. It is vey time-and-energy consuming. So, to generate and submit PAD file, you need a tool for help.

Submit Software with an Automated PAD Submitter

PAD Submit Worker is approved to be the best useful promotion tool for selling programs. It enables the whole process of selling program automated and fast which can automatically accomplish the PAD files generation, verification reading and software promotion. It records more than thousands of download sites and can submit your product in 20 minutes. You need just several clicks and then wait for large downloads.

Other basic features it owns:

Manage the accounts and passwords for download sites safely
Recognize verification numbers automatically with the high success rate
Generate PAD files automatically
More convenient selection of software submission category, easier and quicker to fill
Customize settings in advanced submission mode, convenient to submit effectively
Only $49.95, minimum input, maximum output
Regularly update the database of download sites

By using this software, your software will be submitted widely in a short time. More customers will know and download your product. Meanwhile, your website rankings will be increased. Don't be hesitated. Download the software to sell program now.


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