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I bought this software, and thus far implemented it and saw a big difference. All in all this is a good way to sell software online. Really thanks.
-Brayden Lorin, UK


It is really good for people who are tired of manually submit PAD file to numerous download site. Thanks for your hard work to make our lives easier.
-Wade Wood, USA


An absolutely excellent tool to sell software on the Internet! Save much time and energy! Good job, guys!
-Clayton Hill, UK

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Best Application Submission Tool - Automatically Submit Application to Download Sites


Application Submission


So, you are a software developer - produced your great piece of work and now want to show it to the world and make some money online by selling it. Sounds great! However, there are a biggest hurdle in front of you - how to sell more on the Internet? Obviously, the first step is to submit application to all major download sites, directories, and other targeted resources. But how? A professional application submission tool, your best choice!


Two Ways of Submitting Application


Manual way:
You should first generate a PAD file for your software.
Submit the PAD file to as many downloads as possible. It seems simple, but is really a hard way.


Numerous download sites will consume a lot of time and energy as you can only submit your product to one site at a time.
Different download site has different requirements. That is to say, very like you have to resubmit the failed site due to being unfamiliarly with the submission rules of certain download sites.
A standard PAD file could only be generated by professional tools and few people know how to create it.


Automatically Submit - A Smart Move
Submit application to a great many sites at a time
Much faster
Save time and energy


Sometimes when you face a hurdle, you think that it is over.¬ Not! Never give up, because there is always a solution waiting for you. Well, PAD Submit Worker, an excellent software submission tool, you can count on!


Application Submission Tool Makes the Whole Process Quicker and Easier


Yes, submit application with the best application submission tool - PAD Submit Worker! It can automatically and efficiently submit PAD files to thousands of major download sites, directories and other targeted resources in only 20 minutes!


Other main feature it has:


Automatically create PAD files by completing all the required fields easily.
Automatically submit PAD files to more than 1000 sites within hours. Nothing you should do, only click several clicks to see the results.
Filter what kind of sites you want to submit to by PageRank, Alexa, language, etc.
Complete the settings for some special download sites to improve successful submission rate.
Safely manage all your accounts of major download sites.
CAPTCHA processing; you do not have to input the passwords time and again.
Complete submission report on each download site when it finishes the task.
Accurate and wide software publication with free and timely download site upgrading.
Instantly gain more free traffic and improved search engine results.
Money-saving: $49.95, much cheaper than hiring someone or purchasing other submitters.


Is this wonderful? With PAD Submit Worker, you do not need to worry about application promotion any more, just let the best application submission tool help you now!

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